Friday, July 14, 2017

Playing with light in this week’s #teampixel photos

Playing with light in this week’s #teampixel photos:

Art can be found in unexpected places—a bubblegum pink building, the arc of a jellyfish’s swim, the reflection in the mirror of a river’s surface. In this week’s collection from Pixel photographers around the world, members of #teampixel have artfully captured photos that play with color, light and angles. Take a look:
Left: @norbertszucs - a dappled pool dip in Charlotte, NC. Right: @khyatitrehan - eye-bending architecture in Valencia, Spain
Left: @damien_do - talk about the EYE-full tower, amiright? Right: @neonstian - skateboarding on Mount Tam, CA
@elevenphotographyma - cozy campfire on the North Shore, MA
Left: @renatahaidlephoto - a cotton candy house in Cap Ferrat, France. Right: @exify - the famous Parachute Jump on Coney Island, NY
Left: @dazzlemeant - a flamingo parade in Paris. Right: @hersh_a - ceiling fresco in Venice
@therealblasiansensation - a jewel-colored lake in the Colorado mountains
Left: @life.x.lex - reflections in primary colors in Alberta, Canada. Right: @thielsanne - electric jellyfish in San Francisco, CA
If you have a Pixel, don’t forget to add the #teampixel hashtag to your photos on Instagram—you might be featured!
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