Wednesday, June 14, 2017

E3 2017: Knack 2 Learned From the Originals Mistakes

E3 2017: Knack 2 Learned From the Originals Mistakes:

June 13, 2017 - JPS Staff -

Knack 2 was an unlikely sequel, given the original was quite disliked and didn’t quite capture the market. Despite that, it’s back and the demo shows it learned from the past.

The demo featured two areas. One looks at platforming, whereas the other being a more general combat level, which give a pretty good overview of Knack 2.

Not much of the story was revealed, outside of a joke that seemed to poke for at the original, with the bulk of it being platforming. Here the controls worked quite well and there were times to use different forms and utilize different skills. Even though it’s pretty enjoyable, those who have issues with these sections won’t be left in the cold. On lower levels, shortcuts appear that get players around the challenging elements.

The other stage introduces new elements, like a charged attack and other combat related elements. The combat feels more fluid and the changes make for a more enjoyable experience. That being said, what makes Knack 2 really stand out is the multiplayer.

Unlike most multiplayer modes where it just makes things easier or frustrating depending on how it works, Knack 2 tries to have fun with the frustrating elements. For instance, friendly fire is enabled, but hitting an ally will either use them in an attack or will shoot random parts at enemies. Accidentally hitting your buddy and causing them to defeat an enemy is just fun and these silly annoyances add a level of novelty. Plus, less skilled players will be happy to hear that you can jump to your ally by pushing a button. So if they need help or you can’t make the jump, just do that and you’re set.

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