Sunday, June 11, 2017

'Anthem' is BioWare's brand-new open world

'Anthem' is BioWare's brand-new open world: anthem.jpg

The team behind Mass Effect has something new up its sleeves. BioWare today revealed Anthem, a new open-world franchise seemingly set in a futuristic, jungle-ridden universe. The teaser shows a mech of some kind and a big beastie screeching into the lush wilderness. It definitely has Destiny, Star Wars and Far Cry vibes.

"It is vast, dangerous, beautiful and unexpected," EA executive vice president Patrick Soderlund said.

BioWare will reveal more details about Anthem tomorrow during the Xbox press conference. We'll be live from the show with all the news then, so stay tuned.

The latest Mass Effect game, Andromeda, came out in March to middling reception. It was riddled with technical issues and simply didn't live up to many fans' expectations. BioWare promised to fix the game's most egregious issues in a series of patches coming out over the coming months. This means there's a lot riding on Anthem -- with this brand new IP, BioWare can either redeem its reputation or further flush it down the drain.

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