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Surprised Astronauts (Funny Pics)

Surprised Astronauts (Funny Pics):

"QUANTUM SHOT" #559(rev)
Link - article by Avi Abrams

"My God, it's full of stars!"

Allen Steele once wrote a book "Rude Astronauts". Well, today we have a short and sweet page called "Surprised Astronauts" - maybe somebody will write a book around it, too.

Surprised by what? We can only guess... Nanobot swarms, aliens with indigestion, invincible totalitarian spies, or inept blondes in spacesuits, you fill the blanks.

Don Knotts in "The Reluctant Astronaut" (1967) presents the classic "oh no" expression:

images credit: Universal City Studios, all rights reserved

Cats definitely need to go to space (if only for one reason - to keep astronauts happy with the endless supplies of LOLs):

This article title says it all: "Boomerang works in space, says astronaut" -

(image credit: AFP, via)

Astronaut Takao Doi threw a boomerang and saw it come back - "I was very surprised and moved to see that it flew the same way it does on Earth," he says

Practice makes perfect (should be no surprises here) - photos from 1952:

(images via)

Russian cosmonaut training:

(image credit: JJ)

Ready for take-off:

(image credit: Todd Bates)

Displaced astronauts:

On a beach (Cottosloe Beach, Perth, Australia) -

(image credit: fedemate)

... in Edinburgh, in strange company -

(image credit: Barry Farquharson)

A nasty surprise -

(image credit: Jason Lips)

This is not where you attach the umbilical cord for spacewalks! -

(we are not sure what's going on in painting on the right, original unknown)

(images via 1, 2)

Spacesuit for a dog (a concept from the Russian space program) -

(image via)

We obviously have to include this classic shot of a surprised, awed, mesmerized, and humbled astronaut - Dave Bowman sees the mind-boggling existential vistas in "2001: A Space Odyssey":

(image via)


Art by Douglas Fraser

"The Tragic Death of a Spaceman", one of many -

(image credit: Sunday Williams)

This fate is even worse:

(image credit: Sunday Williams)

A victim to an unlikely love triangle... this story is beyond bizarre:

(image via)

Problem with the spacesuit? -

Problem solved! At least, this ad agency promoting Carlsberg beer seems to think so -

Depressed astronauts can be seen at the very sad Astronaut Suicides site - more info

(images via)

Astronaut sculptures are not safe either. This one got attacked by coat hangers:

(image credit: Meg)

Sidetracked by politics... Fidel Castro and Yuri Gagarin:

(image via)

Astronauts and Cute Girls: for good luck charm, of course

Old advertisers knew a good thing when they saw it. We "grok" it, too.

(image via)

A touch of luck for the Apollo 10 crew - more info:

(image credit: NASA)

From Playpus to Zombie to Astronaut - in one simple cheat-sheet, "choose your monster" chart

Created by "Creebobby" Jacob Borshard, this is an indispensable tool for coming up with comic super-heroes, space villains or imbeciles:

(image credit: Jacob Borshard, click to enlarge)


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